NOIT and Non-verbal Autism

sized noit logo color with marksNOIT Research began as a private, leading edge Autism organization. Our purpose continues to be the development of strategies that will support even the most severely Autistic individuals to learn to participate fully in life.

A small percentage of the Autistic population, possibly 10 to 15%, are so severely handicapped with Autism that the development of language skills does not occur. The failure to develop language is a good indication of just how severely they are affected. Along with the failure to develop language, many of these individuals are also severely limited in the areas of self-care, social and emotional function, and focus and attention. Almost all exhibit ritualistic or repetitive behaviors (often called stims) or engage in self-injury.

This limited population of autistic individuals was the original focus of NOIT Research and continues to be our most important population.

Ronald D. Davis was labeled a “Kanner’s Baby” as an infant. His desire to help others like himself led him to spend the past 30 years exploring unique and medication free strategies to assist those affected by Autism. After successfully creating the Davis Autism Approach® Program, it was recognized that a portion of the students it was created for were unable to use the tools and strategies that are the foundation of that program. Therefore, a unit called the NOIT was created to fill that void. The word NOIT is an acronym for Natural Orientation Inducing Tool. Its purpose is to support the Autistic individual in learning the tools necessary to proceed.

The first individuals to try the NOIT included 11 non-verbal Autistic individuals. All of the users’ caregivers reported gains in focus and attention, improved social appropriateness, improved language (better pronunciation and appropriate use of existing language as well as emergence of new language), and lessening of stim behavior and self injury. One very successful individual was able to learn to speak recognizable individual words within three days, names of family members within a week, and three word phrases within three weeks.

The NOIT is now available through licensed Davis Autism Approach® Facilitators. The NOIT allows the student to complete the first stage of a three stage Davis Autism Approach® Program. Often, the family chooses to continue working with the facilitator to complete the remainder of the program. The full program allows the individual to learn the skills necessary to participate fully in life. Please contact NOIT Research or a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator directly for information on how your loved one can benefit from the NOIT.

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